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Firewood Alternative

Summer Pellet Pricing
Envi Blocks $249.00 per ton 
Please call 610-589-2559 to place your order

-50% of your total balance is due at the time your order is placed. the remaining balance must be paid within 60 days or at time of pickup or delivery, which ever comes first
-Storage is available for $11.00 a ton. Stored blocks must be picked up by 3/31/17 or additional fees will apply
-Pellet pricing is first come first serve
-You will be contacted when your order has arrived
-Delivery is available. Delivery charges are determined by mileage via goggle maps.
-Additional delivery charges will apply if pellets cannot be unloaded with pallet jack and need to be hand unloaded
-Additional discounts are available on truckloads (18+ ton)  

Envi Blocks-The Friendly Firewood
ENVI-BLOCKS -- The firewood alternative - these blocks are all wood bricks with no additives!  They can be used anywhere you would normally use firewood, such as:  wood stoves, fireplaces, fire pits, wood furnaces etc.  Compared to cordwood, they produce more heat (higher density) , burn hotter (lower moisture content) , burn cleaner (less ash residue, less particle emissions, less creosote), are more convenient (easy to store, occupies less space, can be kept indoors), have less mess (no insects, mold, dirt or fungus), and save time (no seasoning, splitting, & less handling)!  Envi Blocks are made from recycled hardwood sawdust & shavings.  So if you love the heat and ambiance of a fireplace but hate the mess of tradtional firewood, then Envi blocks are for you!

Available in two sizes:

Original Envi block
* 4x4x10 1/4 
* Weighs apx. 6-7lbs
* Sold in 3 packs $3.15each
* Can also be purchased by the 1 ton skid (105 - 3-packs per skid or 315 individual blocks)
* $259.00

* 3 1/4 x 2 3/4 x 9 1/2
* Weighs apx. 3-4lbs
* Sold in 6 packs $3.15 each
* Can also be purchased by the 1 ton skid (100 - 6-packs per skid or 600 individual blocks)
* $259.00

How to use Envi Blocks

Start with a bed of coals using kindling

Add 1-2 blocks

Add additional blocks to maintain desired temperature

It's that easy!!